The Need:

-More than 13 million kids in the United States live in a home with food insecurity and over 30 million students in the United States participate in the federal free and/or reduced lunch program.

-A report by the CDC states “Hunger due to insufficient food intake is associated with lower grades, higher rates of absenteeism, repeating a grade, and an inability to focus among students.”

The Problem:

-The current system (typical backpack program) to get food into the hands of these students for weekends is outdated and inefficient!

-These programs require extensive volunteer hours to purchase, transport, store, pack and distribute food and necessities.

-On top of the inefficiency, these programs come with a great social cost to students – the embarrassment of having to carry the food home in front of their peers.

-This is where the Boost Box makes a difference. It boosts nutrition, grades, and morale.

The Solution:

-Revolutionize the process nationwide with a custom online product allowing home delivery of food and necessities to low-income students and skip the volunteer intensive and outdated programs.